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Maxus Solo Around

Kategoria: Events

On November 25th, 2014 at 11:42 Simon Kuczynski began his round the world solo voyage. His Maxus 22 “Atlantic Puffin” is the smallest yacht in Poland which set off on such journey and one of the smallest overall with a lone sailor. Atlantic Puffin is a yacht which was built especially for this expedition. It is 6,36 m long and has no engine at all. The only force on which the sailor can count on are the sails. The hull and rig have been specially reinforced to manage the hardships of the voyage.
Simon left the port one day later than it was planned to due to adverse weather conditions in the canary islands. Onshore – during the farewell – appeared representatives of the Northman shipyard, sailors and friends. Simon set off next to the biggest amateur regatta called “Atlantic Rally for Cruisers” (ARC) in which participate over 200 yachts. The whole expedition is planned for 1,5 year. First port on the route is on Martinique, he should arrive there in about 24 days.

The yacht’s position will be available at the website: www.zewoceanu.pl

Few words from Simon right before the start: I tu link do filmiku

Dobrochna Nowak tells about the project in TVN24