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At the end of 2012 we completed the expansion and modernization of our shipyard.

nowa hala

Obtaining subsidies and the engagement of our own resources enabled us to design and finish process lines in buildings with a total area of more than 5 thousand square meters.

stocznia 1 stocznia

Due to in-depth analysis of technology and customer needs and the use of innovative solutions, we managed to create perfect conditions for the construction of boats. At present we meet the highest quality standards, while cutting production costs. As a result, we can offer our customers exceptional yachts.

In the modernized facility there were separated the zones and rooms for the production of the following departments:

  • booth for spraying gelcoats

    kabina do natrysku zelkotow kabina do natrysku zelkotow 1 kabina do natrysku zelkotow 2

  • spray booth


  • ironworks
  • laminiarnia

    ciecie i montaz wstepny laminatow 2

  • cutting and pre-assembly of laminates

    ciecie i montaz wstepny laminatow ciecie i montaz wstepny laminatow 1

  • joinery


  • upholstery
  • cutting and CNC machining

    rozkroje i obrobki CNC

  • final assembly

  • quality control stand with a pool and sprinklers

    stanowisko kontroli jakosci z basenem i deszczownicom

  • yacht installations and motors.


    Our shipyard entered the year 2013 with modern infrastructure and changes in designs and equipment, which created the second generation of our yachts. Conclusions drawn thanks to the expansion to global markets and testing our products in all weather and operating conditions, were taken into account while redesigning the installation, as well as selecting suppliers among the best companies in the industry. Since then we have designed, described and catalogued every element, even non-standard ones, which enables our design team to provide a user, together with a supplied boat, personalized instructions and diagrams of installations and equipment.These actions allow us to send our products to the most remote corners of the world, such as South America, Japan, Africa or Siberia. At the same time, we are able to take on all the tasks associated with well-equipped yachts with an arrangement and equipment limited only by the user’s imagination.