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Northman Shipyard has launched its Research and Development Centre

Kategoria: Events

On January 10th 2019 the Research and Development Centre of our shipyard was officially opened. 


    The ceremony was held in the presence of representatives of local government, heads of educational institution, media representatives and a sailor, who set a new world record in solo sailing on a boat from our shipyard. After greeting the guests, a cycle of presentations was held to introduce everyone to the activities of Northman and the objectives of the establishment of the Research and Development Centre. Then the participants of the event were invited to the hall build as a part of the operation program, where the official ribbon-cutting ceremony was held. It was done by Krzysztof Stępniak (owner of the Northman shipyard), Krzysztof Kołaszewski (Mayor of the Town and the Municipality of Węgorzewo) and Marzenna Supranowicz (the Starost of the Węgorzewo County). After a glass of champagne and the presentation of the CNC milling centre (five-axis), the participants of the meeting were introduced to all the departments of the Northman shipyard, as well as to the Maxus 22, the boat that sailed around the world twice. Szymon Kuczyński spoke about his cruises around the world, stressing the high quality of the yacht produced at the shipyard in Węgorzewo. The event was concluded with a discussion on the local market and cooperation opportunities. The owner of the shipyard received special thanks for his input into the promotion of the city and words of appreciation for the company’s activities.

    The establishment of the centre is linked to a significant expansion of our company. Thanks to the project the Northman shipyard obtained and additional storey designated for the laboratory part, specialist workshops and rooms for qualified science staff. Also, an additional hall was built, where a modern, five-axis CNC milling centre was built. The development of the shipyard and the project will lead to an increase in employment. The total worth of the project amount to almost 5 million zlotys, 55% of which was funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Our Centre was established to increase innovations and competitiveness of our company through the use of new technologies, conducting advanced industry research and developmental works. This will result in designing new yacht models and introducing innovatory solutions in the units we have in offer now. The Research and Development Centre, which has up-to-date machinery, will be working in cooperation with scientific centres, such as with Gdańsk University of Technology and Warsaw University of Technology.





NAME OF THE PROGRAM: OPERATION PROGRAM INTELLIGENT DEVELOPMENT 2 Priority axis. Supporting the environment and potential of establishments in their research-development-innovation activities. Activity 2.1, supporting investments in companies research and development infrastructure.

PROJECT TITLE: Establishment of Research and Development Centre in NORTHMAN Krzysztof Stępniak as a method of developing innovations and competitiveness of the company.


The objective of the project is the establishment of new research and development infrastructure by Yacht Shipyard Northman Krzysztof Stępniak in order to realise research, development, rationalisation and optimalisation projects with a significant innovation potential in the yacht and boat manufacturers’ industry. Investments mean a new facility within the already existing economic activity, dedicated for the purposes of realisation of research goals and, in effect, diversification of the company’s production. By the objectives of the project the company is going to offer traditional (already present in the company’s offer) and innovative, new products (for customers searching for innovation from the industry), which were divided into two ranges – sailboats and motorboats, both for inland and sea use. To realise the project the company is planning to build a total of 510.24 m2 of new area for the purposes of the R&DC. The project will directly result in offering new market products with unique characteristics, as well as innovative for the industry working and quality parameters, based on self-achieved know-how and cooperation with the science sector. The main objective of the activity of the Centre is going to be industrial research and developmental works in the scope of developing and constructing models and prototypes of greatly modified vessels, sail- and motorboats, their production, including research on materials, coatings and construction, improvement of operational parameters of the vessels and gear, which research will be conducted independently as well as in cooperation with the science sector. The establishment of the Centre will mean, above all, creating new analysis, conceptual and research opportunities and an increase of material resources of the company with its new research infrastructure. This will directly transfer into an increased input of the company into the research-development activities and offering new and significantly changed products, technologies and services on local and international markets.


  1. job creation and eliminating barriers in the access to new jobs,
  2. professional activation for people with medium or high degree of education,
  3. creation of new, competitive in terms of quality, products and manufacturing technologies,
  4. establishment of a lasting cooperation with research centres


Amount provided by the European Regional Development Fund: 2,698,213.00 PLN

BENEFICIARY’S NAME: Northman Krzysztof Stępniak