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Maxus Solo Around project successfully finished!

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Maxus Solo Around – extraordinary worldwide project


Szymon Kuczyński has just completed his solo circumnavigation. He started from the Canary
Islands in November 2014 on his tiny Maxus 22 named “Atlantic Puffin” and after 15 months
at high seas closed the loop returning to Las Palmas. He covered 28000 nautical miles on 6,36
meter boat without an auxiliary engine.

Szymon has chosen the so called trade wind route. After the Atlantic crossing he crossed the
Panama Canal and continued through the Pacific with only one stop. When he left Australia he
sailed without land support due to sat phone failure. The route continued south of famous capes:
Cape of Good Hope and Agulhas and then north to cross the Equator and to the place where it all
started – the Canaries.

During the circumnavigation Szymon met extreme weather conditions varying from long periods
with no wind to 12Bft storms. During one of the storms, a large breaking wave flooded the yachts
interior. Szymon also lost pontoon and power tools. Electronics was also damaged and due to
autopilot failure he had to steer by hand. But thanks to high spirits, skills and lots of spare parts
(including bike parts) he managed to construct jury – wind vane autopilot. Szymon met toughest
conditions during the circumnavigation, when crossing Cape of Good Hope on Christmas Eve of

“The waves reached 7-9m. Sun in the sky, and round me, the green was fighting with the white. With
every breaking wave I would lay flat and hold tight not to be washed overboard. The wind speed
was 45 to 50 knots sustained. Under the clouds, the squalls brought 55 to 60 kt wind, which would
last for up to an hour. In fact the weather had something more for me as the ambient wind was
greater – after all I was making 4-6kt, best to windward. I really pity the boat. I had no choice, each
other course would take me to shallow water and to higher waves. To add to my constraints the
Agulhas current was nearby. It showed its strength and was against the wind. For the last 3 days I
got maybe 5 hours of sleep. I had huge problem to actually force myself to sleep even for a quarter
of an hour in such circumstances.” Logbook 25th December 2015.

For number of years Szymon shows with his projects that sailing is safe sport and is accessible to
all. During Maxus Solo Around project all the planned goals were achieved. Thanks to excellent
cooperation with Polish shipyard Northman, and the yacht designer Mr Jacek Daszkiewicz, small
popular yacht was modified to allow oceanic passages. The Maxus 22 is only 6,36m long but
despite that proved excellent sailing qualities and good speed during the circumnavigation. There
were no technical problems during the trip, not counting the minor issues one would expect during
such long and challenging project.

YACHT: Maxus 22
Length overall 6,36 m, Beam 2,48 m, Sailplan, 23 m2,
Modifications: displacement of 1350kg (including ballast 500kg)
 reinforced mast and rigging
 watertight flotation chambers
 watertight companionway
 two rudders
 evacuation hatch
 interior: light plywood finish, berths on each side at angle, one burner tourist stove, no
water installation (only bottled water) or toilet.

 track: 28 597 nautical miles,
 average speed: 4,26 kt
 average miles/day: 101,8nm,
 hours moving: 6713 h
 places visited: Canary Islands, Martinique, Panama, Marquesas, Australia, Christmas Island,
 Bottles of water used: 700 l
 Number of books read: 225

Parts of the trip:
24.11.2014 – 20.12.2014 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Martynique
7.03.2015 – 17.03.2015 – Martynique – Panama
12.052015 – 2.072015 – Panama – Marquesas Islands
8.07.2015 – 31.082015 – Marquesas Islands – Australia
28.09.2015 – 12.10.2015 – Australia – Christmas Island
20.10.2015 – 17.11.2015 – Christmas Island – Reunion
27.11.2015 – 9.02.2016 – Reunion – Cabo Verde
11.02.2016 – 3.04.2016 – Cabo Verde – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Project Maxus Solo Around was possible thanks to generous help of the lead partner – the
Northman Shipyard as well as thanks to many generous polish and foreign companies and brands:
Eljacht.pl, T&J Sails, Sunwear, SunSol, System-MAST, Seatec, Barton Marine, Aura Szczecin,
Kevisport, BTA Kompa, Henri Lloyd Polska, Profi, Dzik Flors, Maristo.pl. Media partners:
Magazyn Wiatr, Jachting, Sailbook.pl, SailPortal.pl, Portal Travelbit, Pomorski Związek Żeglarski.
Press kit: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/comwoday3s31ywk/AAClqj3JRYDZe8jjjLF67Z27a?dl=0
Website : http://www.zewoceanu.pl/Maxus-Solo-Around/ and http://northman.pl/maxus-soloaround-
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Zew-Oceanu-175221885870362/
Photo gallery: https://picasaweb.google.com/117925155432597210617
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCqMaIqFEKKVj6hZ41keRWE1Zsl2QrZB8
online map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=zXRP0WqsgxrI.kf0-hG4jc7CI

Contact: info@zewoceanu.pl



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