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Maxus Challenge – A new concept for a sailing meeting


After we announced that this year the Northman-Cup Regatta is not going to be held, we received numerous e-mails, in which you asked us not to give up on organizing the event that gathers the enthusiast of Maxus ships. Most of people who contacted us appreciated the unique atmosphere created by our friendly community of sailors and the opportunity to try out one’s sailing skills on the decks of Maxus yachts. And so, after long discussions and the analysis of your expectations we decided to organise a meeting targeted at all sailors, who would like to open the season with us and take part in an event like no other. We called it the „Maxus Challenge”

The participants of the event will be able to try out Maxus yachts, which are available in the offer of Ahoj Czarter. We would also like to invite all the owners of Maxus units with their boats.

The goal of the meeting is an effective kick-off of the sailing season in a community, which has competed or is planning to compete on Maxus units. The formula of the event includes lectures on effective sailing with Maxus units and trimming, the secrets of preparing your yacht for the season, adjusting the sales and tackling, as well as friendly gatherings by a campfire, live music at the tavern Keja and – the most important – sailing trainings under the watchful eye of experienced trainers and judges, as well as a race around the lakes Mamry and Święcajty. The meetings will be held by sailors, judges and shipyard employees known from previous Northman-Cup events.

The event will be an opportunity not only to exchange experiences between sailors, but also to try out different Maxus, Nexus and Northman 1200 units.

During the event the yachts of Ahoj Czarter can be rented at very affordable prices.



Place and time: 24-26/05/2019, Węgorzewo (ZHP Port and the Keja Tavern).

Formula: regatta training and race on the lakes Mamry and Święcajty, lectures and informal meetings, concerts in the tavern and campfire on Friday and Saturday evening.

Fleet: yachts provided by Ahoj Czarter and the owners of sailing yachts from Maxus with their units.

Costs: entry fee – 60 PLN/person
The price of the entry fee includes a t-shirt with Maxus logo and an ID allowing for participation in the event. The entry fee does not cover catering, but the organiser of the concerts – Keja Port – has granted a special 15% discount for all the items from the menu of the Keja Tavern (food and beverages) for all the participants of the “Maxus Challenge”.


Maxus Challenge – General information:
Due to the Maxus Challenge event we decided to prolong the dates and time for collection and return of the charter yachts from Ahoj Czarter fleet. You can collect your units from May 23rd, 2019, 5 PM, and they must be returned by May 26th, 2019, 5 PM (at Węgorzewo harbour) or by 7 PM (at Wilkasy harbour).

Our main goal is to suit the event to your expectations – we encourage you to send us propositions regarding the schedule, both on water and on land. We would like to organise several lectures on various topics regarding effective sailing with Maxus yachts (trimming and preparing the yacht, steering techniques) as well as work together on the technique on water under the supervision of our instructor and the main constructor of Maxus yachts. Our staff is at your disposal, and so we are going to take all suggestions into consideration and adjust the programme to your expectations.



From 23.05.2019 (Thursday)
Collecting yachts at Węgorzewo/Wilkasy harbours

24.05.2019 (Friday)
Sailing techniques training under the supervision of instructiors (Mamry lake)
Consulting and exchange of opinions on the time spent on the water
Concert in Keja tavern/campfire

25.05.2019 (Saturday)
Lecture at Keja tavern
Training and/or competition races on Mamry/Święcajty lakes (depending on the weather)
Discussing the errors and exchange of experiences from the race
Lecture at Keja tavern
Evening meeting by the campfire
Concert in Keja tavern

26.05.2019 (Sunday)
Competition race on Mamry/Święcajty lakes (depending on the weather)
Meeting at the Keja tavern
Summary of the event
Returning the yachts




24.05.2019 (Friday): our instructors will be on the water at the disposal of all those seeking assistance. On that day training races and sailing technique trainings will be organised on the Mamry lake. In the evening we will discuss our experiences from the time on the water and the effective use of our yachts.  Our staff will gladly answer all your questions. We will wrap up the day with a campfire (if the weather allows it) and a concert at the Keja tavern.

Saturday (25.05.2019): In the morning lectures and crews briefing will be held. The main event of the day will be the training and competition races (depending on the weather the races will be on Mamry or Święcajty lake). During the afternoon lectures we will sum up the day and hold the post-race briefing. The challenges of the training will be rewarded with time by campfire and the sound of shanties concert.

Sunday (26.05.2019): in the morning the crews briefing will be held, after that the crews will set sail to the lake for the competition race on the Mamry lake (also on the Święcajty lake, depending on the weather). About 1 – 2 PM we will return to the ports and end the event.

During the entire “Maxus Challenge” our staff will be at your disposal and will answer all your questions regarding Maxus yachts and sailing on them.

All private Maxus yachts and charter Maxus yachts in the offer of Ahoj Czarter are permitted to take part in the event. (www.ahoj.pl)

Signing up for Maxus Challenge – at the Ahoj Czarter office only (www.ahoj.pl).



– entry – 60 zl/person (this amount includes a club t-shirt for every participant and a participant’s ID)

– Yacht rent offer by Ahoj Czarter:

Maxus 22 Prestige  – 656 PLN
Maxus 22 Standard  – 624 PLN
Maxus evo 24 Prestige +*  – 832 PLN
Maxus evo 24 Ptrestige + **  – 864 PLN
Maxus evo 24 Prestige **  – 800 PLN
Maxus 26 Prestige + ** – 960 PLN
Maxus 26 Prestige + *   – 928 PLN
Maxus 26 Prestige **   –  912 PLN
Maxus 28 Standard ** – 1 056 PLN
Maxus 33.1 RS Exclusive **   – 2 528 PLN
Maxus 33.1 RS Prestige + ** – 1 824 PLN
Maxus 33.1 RS Prestige **    – 1 696 PLN
Maxus 33.1 RS Standard **  – 1 664 PLN



Registration and booking of yachts: biuro@ahoj.pl, + 48 602 398 208.

Remember – the event is dedicated for you, so any feedback you may provide is vital for us. If the event meets your expectations, we will consider continuing it next year.