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The Northman Shipyard has been building yachts over 33 feet since 2007. The first yacht with this hull length – Maxus 33 – was built in 2007. After a successful premiere and positive reception in 2011, this yacht has undergone a lifting. Thanks to this, the vessel obtained, among others, modern shape, more efficient rigging and better performance. From 2011, the new, functioning name of the yacht is Maxus 33.1RS. It hit the market and received many awards already at the premiere. After 15 years, we decided to introduce a complete novelty in this segment to the market. Its design differs from previous projects, but still has a cruiser character. Spacious interiors, an illuminated mess, a double canopy hiding most of the ropes, two steering wheels and an intriguingly modern hull line are just some of the elements that attract attention in the first place.

In 2021/2022 we showed two new yachts:

Maxus 34 has been designed for all inland and bay waters.
It is available in two versions: centerboard (design category C) and with a dagger board (design category B)

Maxus 35 is an ocean class cruiser, design category A.
It is available in the following versions: L-shape long keel and L-shape short keel.