During several years of activity, from a small family company we have created a professional shipyard, whose yachts have been appreciated not only in Europe, but also in the remotest corners of the world (South America, Japan, Africa, Siberia).

Experience in the industry, continuous improvement of technology and the use of modern tools, while striving for perfection and focusing on meeting customers’ expectations, have made the group of satisfied customers exceed our wildest expectations.

In 2019, the official opening of the Research and Development Center of our shipyard took place. The establishment of the center is associated with a significant expansion of our company.

As part of the project, the Northman shipyard gained an additional floor for laboratory space, specialized workshops and rooms for qualified research staff.

An additional hall was also created to house a modern five-axis CNC milling center. In connection with the development of the shipyard and as part of the project, an increase in employment is also planned.

The total value of the project was almost PLN 5 million, of which about 55% is the amount of funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

The purpose of establishing the center is to increase the innovation and competitiveness of our company through the use of new technologies and advanced industrial research and development work. This will translate into the creation of new models of yachts and the introduction of innovative solutions in previously produced units.

The production capacity, from the initial few units per year, has now increased to over 150 and the crew from a few people to 100. Over this period we have emerged a close-knit and professional team, whose experience translating into the highest quality of manufactured products is the basis of our company.

We also carry out non-standard projects, making yachts according to the customer’s specifications. The use of the highest quality materials, professional machinery, separate production areas (starting with a cabin for spraying gelcoat, and ending with a quality control station with a swimming pool and rain shower) and supervision at every stage of the formation of a yacht, fulfill the dream of a unique vessel with unparalleled styling.

Their own models of sailing yachts Maxus and motor yachts Northman, Nexus, Courier, are popular among the most demanding sailors. They not only win numerous awards, but also meet strict European standards, as evidenced by the CE certificates we have been awarded for all units.

Quality at the highest level.

Our yachts win recognition all over the world. They are characterized by nautical qualities of the highest level. This is evidenced by positive feedback from Polish and foreign sailors, but also by a large number of awards granted by leading experts in the industry, both at home and abroad.

We create units designed for both inland and offshore waters. For regattas as well as for tourist sailing, and even for expeditions around the world (Maxus Solo Around, Call of the Ocean). Versions perfect for charter, but also demanding individual realizations (shipowner). We rely on the highest quality equipment.


Our yachts are subject to certification by the Polish Register of Shipping. We also prepare the units under the specific requirements of other countries, as well as organizations (e.g. the relevant categories of Offshore Special Regulations according to ISAF).

We are users of our yachts: the modern Ahoy Czarter fleet of more than 100 units is based exclusively on yachts manufactured in the Northman shipyard. Every year we test and analyze the improvements and modifications introduced on our units. The experience we have gathered allows us to build even more perfect units, in accordance with the customer’s expectations.


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