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„Call of the Ocean” – sailing for the record

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The world record has been beaten

FINISH: 17.05.2018 Plymouth, Great Britain
The return of Szymon to Poland: 09.06.2018 Kamień Pomorski


Call of the Ocean – The Finish of the journey around the World

The Polish sailor, Szymon Kuczyński, has just finished his solo around-the-world journey without making any stops to ports, on the smallest yacht in the history of sailing – Maxus 22 (6.36m/20ft 10.4in) built in the Polish Northman boatyard. He circled the globe around the three capes in 270 days, 10 hours, and 29 minutes.

Plymouth, 17.05.2018



More information: www.northman.pl/en/coto-page/call-of-the-ocean/

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